Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit

The Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit offers everything you need for efficient, precise, and professional fibre optic terminations.

Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit is a comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable fibre optic termination. This kit is designed to provide all the essential tools and accessories needed for precise and quick terminations, making it ideal for both professional installers and field technicians.

Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit Key Features

Comprehensive Toolset
The kit contains every tool you need for fibre optic termination, ensuring complete and professional installations.

High Precision
Designed for accuracy, each tool minimizes signal loss, delivering high-quality terminations.

With easy-to-use tools and accessories, this kit is perfect for both novices and experienced technicians.

The compact and lightweight carrying case makes transportation and storage effortless.

Included Tools and Accessories

Tri-Hole Fibre Optic Stripper – Ideal for stripping different fibre types with ease and precision.

Kevlar Scissors –Cut through Kevlar strength members effortlessly with these durable scissors.

Fibre Optic Carbide Scribe Tool – Ensure clean and precise cuts on optical fibres every time.

Jacket Stripper – Quickly and efficiently strip jackets from fibre optic cables.

250ml Alcohol Dispensing Bottle with Lock – Securely dispense cleaning alcohol for spotless fibre terminations.

2.5mm Cleaning Swabs – Perfect for cleaning connectors and ensuring optimal performance.

Pre-Saturated Wipes – Convenient and effective for cleaning fibre ends and connectors.

Universal Fibre Cable Slitter – Versatile tool for slitting various types of fibre cables.

Longitudinal Cable Sheath Slitter – Efficiently slit cable sheaths with precision.

Ideal 45-162 Buffer Tube Stripper – Designed for stripping buffer tubes without damaging fibres.

4-IN-1 Magnetic Quick Change Screwdriver – Easily switch between screwdriver bits for versatile use.

6” Needle Nose Pliers – Reach and handle small components with precision.

6” Side Cut Pliers – Ideal for cutting wires and other small materials.

Emergency Lamp/Torch – Essential for working in low-light conditions.

6” Adjustable Wrench – Versatile wrench for various tightening and loosening tasks.

100 Fusion Splice Sleeves 60mm – Protect and reinforce your fusion splices.

Fibre Optic Cleaning Cube – Keep connectors clean with this handy cleaning tool.

7 Piece Folding Type Hex Key Set – Compact set for various hex screw applications.

Rotary Cable Stripper – Efficiently strip cables with this handy tool.

Black Marker – Mark cables and components for easy identification.

3M Electrical Tape – Reliable tape for insulating and bundling cables.

Blow Brush – Remove dust and debris from fibre connectors and tools.

Utility Knife – Versatile knife for cutting and trimming.

2M Tape Measure – Measure with precision using this compact tape measure.

135mm Precision Tweezers – Handle small components with ease and accuracy.

Carry Case – Durable and lightweight, perfect for organizing and transporting your kit.

The Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit offers everything you need for efficient, precise, and professional fibre optic terminations.

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