Optic Cable, 5 Extraordinary Benefits

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Optic Cable or optical fibre cable is very similar to electrical cable or copper cables, however, it’s composition consists of multiple fibres which transport light.

The essential elements of fibre optic cable include plastic buffered layers encased in a protective jacket.

Optic Cable is primarily used for long-distance communications and high-speed internet connection.


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Fiber Optic Cable has its own set of benefits which have proven to be very advantageous for us. We have some many options, it’s like a smorgasbord of possibilities;

* Loose Tube – Tight Buffer

* Indoor – Outdoor

* Multi mode – Singlemode

* Cable Diameter

* Outer Jacket

Just to list a few!

Let us now look at some of the extraordinary benefits that set it apart from the others.


Optic Cable, 5 Extraordinary Benefits

We have selected five benefits of optic cable for us to have a look at. There are many more.


1.  Increased Bandwidth Levels




With respect to bandwidth levels, optic cable is the best there is.

Each fibre can carry a large amount of bandwidth and an elevated amount of data compared to the usual copper cables.

What we understand from this point is that due to the increased bandwidth levels, the performance is always high.

It also decreases latency which enables the fibre to have swifter download and upload speeds.

It is therefore used for long-distance communications with zero roadblocks.


2.  Ingrained Security

Fibre Cabling does not emit any kind of signal, and this is the reason that it is difficult to put any kind of tap on the transmission cables.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that your data transmission is completely secure.

Since the signal travelling through the cable is encased inside every individual fibre, hackers would need to cut in every strand of fibre inside the cable.

Doing this would cause a network breakdown which will just about alert everybody.


3.  Safe and Secure

Mode Optical Fibres are very much safe to use.

Since there is zero involvement of electrical signals, waves or even electricity it can do us little harm.

Data transmission mainly occurs via a light or optical waves, therefore, it is safer to handle.

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4.  Fibre Optic Cable can take in fluctuations of water and temperature

Optic Cables are not majorly affected by continuous water and temperature changes.

It is not affected by bad weather or continuous moisture, OR if there is any contact with rainwater, or lightning strikes, etc.

Since there are no electrical components inside of it, there are no issues.

These cables can stand their ground against unpredictable climate changes, with zero performance loss.

Making it the perfect choice for usage in rough environments, and in industry-grade applications.


5.  Resistant to Magnetic Interference

If you have multiple electronic cables in a constrained environment, then it might result in interference and crosstalk between them.

This can result in performance loss and issues in data transmission.

Fibre Optic Cables do not produce any such cases in terms of Magnetic Interference.

You can install them right under the industrial equipment with no problems.


Fibre Optic Cables have been gifted with some very unique aspects in terms of their usage.

This makes it popular among its users, and the benefits mentioned above literally add to their testimonials.

It is essentially a feather in the cap for the optical fibres.

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