TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source

The Yamasaki TLU1 Series Intelligent Laser Source is the latest design in Multiple Wavelength Fiber Optic Light Source Technology. The available wavelengths include 850nm and 1300nm for Multimode and 1310nm and 1550nm for Singlemode testing.

TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source Universal Adaptor

TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source comes with a universal FC, SC and ST connector. Additionally, an LC adaptor is available upon request to accommodate all your testing needs.


Multimode and Singlemode Connectivity

The available wavelengths for the TLU1 includes; 850nm and 1300nm for multimode testing and 1310nm or 1550nm for Singlemode testing. Subsequently, this allows extensive flexibility in testing.


TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source Versatile Network Testing

With the Yamasaki TLU1, network certification becomes seamless. The ability to generate Wave ID and Tones, coupled with adjustable output power, ensures adaptability across various scenarios. By pairing it with the Yamasaki TPU1 Intelligent Power Meter, you create a powerful duo for accurate, reliable, and downloadable test results.


Optimised Performance and Efficiency

The ambient light sensor intelligently adjusts the LCD’s brightness according to surroundings, enhancing usability. Whether using universal connectors or benefiting from modulation options, the Yamasaki TLU1 offers an array of features designed to simplify and streamline network certification processes.

12 Month Warranty

The Yamasaki TLU Series Intelligent Laser Source comes with a full 12 months warranty for your added piece of mind. As a result, any potential problems are easily solvable.


This ruggedized handheld unit can be used in conjunction with the Yamasaki TPU1 Intelligent Power Meter. As a result, this provides a very accurate and reliable test solution with downloadable results. The Yamasaki TLU1 Fiber Optic Laser Source also features an ambient light sensor which allows the LCD to automatically adjust to the brightness.

The Yamasaki TLU Series Intelligent Laser Source is battery operated for convenience and portability the TLU1 also comes with an AC adapter, meaning you can easily test in the field or the factory. Moreover, be sure to check out the rest of our Power Meter Range!

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