SC-LC OneClick Cleaner

The rapidconnect Cleaning & Inspection Kits combine all the tools necessary to conduct a high-quality cleaning process for fibre optics. It comes packed full on useful products to ensure you have everything you need to keep your fibre optic connectors clean and usable.

Over 750+ Engagements Per Unit

The SC-LC OneClick Cleaner offers over 750 push engagements. This ensure that it has an significant lifetime of utility.


Extended Reach

An extended reach guarantees that all Fibre End Faces are easy to clean.


Simple & Reliable

All rapidconnect products are simple and reliable to use. If further assistance is necessary, our friendly staff at Anderson is more than happy to answer your questions!


The rapidconnect SC and LC OneClick Cleaner is ideal for any Fibre Network. The SC-LC option is available for our customers, each suitable to their respective connector.

This product guarantees that each click delivers the same quality of cleaning. The SC-LC OneClick Cleaner removes any and all particles from the end face of a Fibre Cable. This includes dust, oil and anything else that may collect on the end.

The 2.5mm SC OneClick Cleaner can be used to clean SC/ST/FC Connectors and the 2.5mm adapters.

Additionally the LC OneClick Cleaner can be used to clean LC/MU Connectors and the 1.25mm adapters.

Be sure to check out the rest of the rapidconnect Cleaning Range for other fibre optic cleaning products!


Check out the official Anderson Corporation YouTube Channel for more Fibre Optic Information!


File File size
Cleaning-Pens-SC-LC 2 MB