MTP and MPO Breakout Cables ..

All rapidconnect MTP/MPO Brekaout Cables are offered in 12 or 24 fibre, Singlemode or Multimode, SC or LC

MTP and MPO Breakout Cables are Cost-Effective & Time Efficient

MTP/MPO Breakout Cables are a quality cable solution. They certainly save you time and money with installation costs.


Custom Manufacturing

Made to individual requirements, regardless of your needs. Furthermore, they are available in a wide variety of fibre types and modes. They are suitable for the 96 Fibre MTP/MPO Enclosure.


MTP and MPO Breakout Cables Connector Type:

  • MPO Connector: MPO connectors are a generic term used for multi-fibre connectors. They can have a variety of configurations, typically with 12 or 24 fibres in a single connector. MPO connectors are used in various applications where multi-fibre connections are required.
  • MTP Connector: MTP is a specific brand and type of MPO connector manufactured by US Conec. MTP connectors are engineered to higher performance standards and are commonly used in high-density applications requiring precise alignment and low insertion loss.


Corning Bend-Insensitive Glass

The rapidconnect Breakout Cables use Corning bend-insensitive glass. This unquestionably provides optimum performance in tight installation environments.

The Breakout Cables offer a variety of performance benefits. Firstly, they are cost-efficient. Custom manufactured. Utilise corning bend insensitive glass to provide optimum performance in tight installation areas.

Versatile Applications

Use MTP and MPO Breakout Cables for a wide range of applications, from data centers to telecommunications networks. Their versatility and high performance make them ideal for demanding environments.

Other notable features of the Breakout Cables are: Pre-Manufactured cable to ensure optimal performance and minimal chance for error. Fast and easy installation without need for specialists. Moreover, fragile components are always safe and secure.

The connectors are high performance and have superior optical and mechanical efficiency when compared to more generic MPO connectors. Be sure to check out the 96 Fibre MPO/MTP Enclosure that accompanies such a cable.

Choose rapiconnect for dependable trunk cables that optimize your network’s efficiency and reliability.

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