Populated 96 Fibre MTP/MPO Enclosure suitable for 4×24 or 8×12 Fibre Cassettes

The rapidconnect fibre optic cassette enclosure is designed to accept four MTP® Elite / MPO Fibre Cassettes to provide up to 96 LC fibre connections in a  1RU enclosure.

The enclosure features a front protective cover that can be easily removed for patching access. Rear cable entries have abrasion protection and multiple cable tie-down points are provided. Populated as per your requirements.

Populated 96 Fibre MTP/MPO Enclosure allows fast installation times meaning no need for specialist technicians.


Populated Fibre Cassettes

LC adapters on the front and either two 12 fibre or one 24 fibre connections on the rear. This will depend on the trunk cable being used, either 24 fibres or 12 fibres.

You can choose how you wish to load the MTP/MPO Enclosure either with

12 fibre combinations such as 2×12 – 4×12 – 8×12 or

24 fibre combinations such as 1×24 – 2 x 24 – 3 x24 -4 x 24


Bend-Insensitive Glass

The rapidconnect 1RU Enclosure uses bend-insensitive glass. Available in both Singlemode and Multimode. This allows installation in particularly tight locations.


The rapidconnect  MTP/MPO Enclosure allows for inexperienced users to quickly and efficiently install enclosures into their fibre network. Bend Insensitive glass allows tight installations. Fibre cassettes permit extensive compatibility. As a result of these features and more, the Enclosure is a must have for network installers.

The rapidconnect cassette enclosure is deigned to accept four 24 fibre MTP Elite/MPO Fibre cassettes. This provides up to 96 Fibre connections in 1RU. The Enclosure also has a front protective cover. This can detached for patching access.

Populated 96 Fibre MTP/MPO Enclosure Enhanced Protection

Rear cable entries have abrasion protection. Multiple cable tie-down points are provided. Fibre trunks are supplied to your exact specifications.


Reliable and Versatile

The MTP/MPO Enclosure is built for reliability. Its design accommodates various network needs. Suitable for data centers, telecommunications, and enterprise networks.


Effortless Maintenance

Detachable cover allows for quick maintenance. Easy access simplifies troubleshooting. The enclosure supports smooth operations.

Populated 96 Fibre Enclosure Professional Performance

Achieve high performance with minimal effort. The enclosure’s design ensures optimal fibre management. Perfect for both new installations and upgrades.


Scalable Solutions

The enclosure supports future expansion. Add or replace cassettes as needed. Adapt your network without hassle.


Durable Construction

Made with quality materials for long-lasting use. Withstands demanding environments. Ensures consistent performance over time.


96 Fibre MTP/MPO Enclosure Streamlined Workflow

Simplifies network setup and management. Reduces installation time and costs. Enables efficient workflow and productivity.

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