296 Fibre 2RU Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure

The 2RU is the newest instalment in our rapidconnect enclosure series. Sporting a variety of features, fast and easy cable management, storage and a variety of connector face plates.


296 Fibre 2RU Fibre Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure promotes efficient and organised cable management. It optimises cable arrangement, reducing storage space and ensuring easy access and maintenance. Perfect for data centers, telecommunications hubs, and enterprise networks, this enclosure is essential for maintaining a reliable fibre optic infrastructure.

Versatile and Adaptable

Its sliding mechanism provides easy access to cables, facilitating quick changes and minimizing downtime. The inclusion of a detailed record book to keep track of all cables within the enclosure is an added advantage, helping users maintain an organized and efficient system. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where frequent changes or upgrades to the network are required.

296 Fibre 2RU Rack Optimal Space Utilization

Its sliding mechanism provides easy access to cables, facilitating quick changes and minimizing downtime. A detailed record book helps track all cables within the enclosure, ensuring an organized system. This feature is especially useful in environments that require frequent network changes or upgrades.

Optimal Space Utilization

The enclosure promotes efficient cable arrangement, reducing storage space. This improves the overall aesthetics of the installation and keeps the network infrastructure compact and manageable. The inner splice cassette further optimizes space, handling a high density of cables without clutter or confusion.

296 Fibre 2RU Rack Connector Face Plates

The RapidConnect 2RU Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure comes with a variety of connector face plates, accommodating various connector styles such as:

  • SC Simplex
  • SCA Simplex
  • SC Duplex
  • SCA Duplex
  • LC Duplex
  • LCA Duplex
  • LC Quad
  • LCA Quad

This range of options ensures compatibility with a wide array of fibre optic connectors, making the enclosure suitable for diverse applications and environments. Whether you are managing a small network or a large-scale data center, the RapidConnect 2RU 288 Fibre Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure provides the flexibility and adaptability required to meet your specific needs.

Sliding Enclosure

Providing a sliding cable trays on the rapidconnect 2RU Enclosures, it ensures easy access to all fibres for simple and uncomplicated cable changes when necessary.

Robust and Reliable Construction

Durability and reliability are key attributes of the RapidConnect 2RU 288 Fibre Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure. Constructed from high-quality materials, the enclosure is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use while providing long-lasting performance. Its robust construction ensures that the enclosure remains stable and secure, protecting the cables and connectors from damage and minimizing the risk of network disruptions.


The dimensions of the sliding enclosure are designed to fit seamlessly into standard racks, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

By integrating the RapidConnect 2RU 288 Fibre Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure into your network, you achieve a streamlined, organized, and efficient fibre management system that enhances performance and facilitates maintenance.


The Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure offers a cost-effective solution for fibre management. Its durable design and efficient features provide excellent value for investment.

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