Patch Panels, The Hero You’re Looking For!

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Patch Panel or optic enclosures are used as a vital part of Cable Management. Its job is to protect fiber optic cables and to provide access to the network.  They are also known as distribution panels or optic patch panels.

The job of a patch panel is to provide efficiently organised cable management. This allows for fast and easy installation. Keeping a record book to record cable distribution is recommended.



Faceplates are another requirement for a patch panel. These allow for a variety of connector types such as for instance; ST, FC, FCA. SC Simplex, SCA Simplex, SC Duplex, SCA Duplex. LC Duplex, LCA Duplex, LC Quad, and LCA Quad. The installer then has flexibility when completing the cable management side of the job.


With a large variety of Patch Panels available where do you start?

A patch panel can be separated into several categories being wall mount, rack mount, indoor and outdoor units. We will have a closer look at our range of indoor rapidconnect 12W Wall Mount Enclosures. This type of patch panel is manufactured as a patch panel wall mount.


12W- min - Patch Panel



The rapidconnect 12W wall mount enclosures are supplied with a lockable door to assure secure cable storage. The lockable door of this fibre optic patch panel protects and ensures little to no fibre disturbance. Above all, this prevents anyone from easily accessing the fiber optic patch once placed and locked in the patch panel. The rapidconnect 12W Wall Mount Enclosure is a compact splice and patch unit in order to optimise the use of confined spaces.


Design and Install


The rapidconnect 12W wall mount enclosure is designed to take a maximum of 24 Fibres using LC Duplex or LC Quad connectors. 12 Fibres with all other connector styles. When it comes to installing the cable gland fitting(s) all that needs to be done is to remove the plugs from the openings to be used.


Cable Gland Fitting Nut



Then you install the fibre cable gland fittings in the openings on the building entrance side of the patch panel. Next, you can allow cable or pre-terminated cables to enter the enclosure. Openings are provided on the top and bottom of the enclosure.

For the module/faceplate Installation simply align the push pins with the desired locations on the enclosure.  Press the module into position. Then Press the plunger firmly to seat it into the grommet. The gap between the plunger and grommet should no longer be visible. GENTLY pull on the module body to ensure it is firmly seated and locked into place.



Patch Panel Module Face Plat



The weight of this unit is only 2kg. The Dimensions (HxWxD)mm are 225x225x45 making it a nice compact unit to install. A fibre optic patch panel is typically supplied without any adaptors.  Adaptors are required for patching only. When ordering consider them as well, otherwise you may be delaying the install and handover.





A fibre optic patch panel is an important part of data cabling installations. It provides a cost effective way to handle fibre optic cable. Providing a neat and secure solution to any network. The rapidconnect 12W wall mount enclosure is a perfect choice if space is limited. As it provides all the benefits required.