MPO-MTP Fibre Ribbon Patch Cables

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MPO is a connector standard, it meets IEC 61754-7

The MPO connector is a specific interface type that is designed by IEC 61754-7. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is a worldwide organisation for standardisation comprising all national electrotechnical committees (IEC national committees).




The object of the IEC is to promote international co-operation on all questions concerning standardisation in the electrical and electrical fields.

MPO is a high-density multi-fibre connector system. They combine lots of fibres in one connector. The ferrule can house several parallel rows of fibres. 12 fibres per row in the most common one used.



If lots of ports have to be connected MPO/MTP breakout cables with single fibre connectors such as LC, SC or ST at one end and MPO/MTP connectors at the other end are available.



Patch cables

Patch cables are manufactured to have insertion losses of less than 0.3dB and return losses on the singlemode cable of less than 50dB for the PC Connectors, 55dB for UPC and 60dB for the APC connector.

Installing 1 cable with 12 fibres makes a lot more sense. Likewise, a 12 fibre connector as compared to 12 single fibre connectors when it comes to real estate in the data communications cabinet is much more practical to the end-user.





The applications for MPO are wide-ranging: Datacentres – CATV – Test Equipment Wide Area Networks (WANs) – Telecommunication Networks Local Area Networks (LANs) – Data Processing Networks Premise Installations – Industrial and Military.



The cabling infrastructure of a data centre has to take special conditions into consideration. Limited space makes high-density solutions necessary, whilst at the same time highest possible performance, availability, and flexibility are needed.

All this leads to a long list of parameters which have to be met – hence the adoption of the MPO product. IEEE 802.3ba, the standard for implementing 40/100G Ethernet, dictates that the MPO footprint be the standard for multi-mode transmission.

MPO 12fibre connector is the accepted standard MPO port for singlemode and multimode, it has a lot of history and is used in many backbone applications. Because QSFP applications do not use all 12 fires in an MPO connector, the central 4fiber of MPO 12 connector are left unused to mate with QSFP 8ports.



This radical new transmission type is called; parallel transmission. MPO connectors are the future of optical transmissions. Compact and are pre-terminated and are also plug and play by construction.



Now instead of needing installers with fibre optic know-how and specialised equipment, the components are ready to go! Which means installation is simple. Time and Money well spent!