HF96 Horizontal FOSC (Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure)

The HF96 rapidconnect Horizontal Fibre Optic Splice Closure comes standard with four 24 fibre splice cassettes that can slide in and lock into place, which means up to 96 fibres can be installed within the rapidconnect Horizontal FOSC.

So, whether you require 24, 48, 72 or 96 fibres this product will suit all of your requirements.

HF96 Horizontal Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure Stock Availability

HF96 Horizontal FOSC is always in stock at Anderson Corporation. Moreover, they are ready to ship to your required location immediately.


Suitable For Different Environments

The HF96 Horizontal Fibre Optic Splice Closure is ideal for long-term use. Specifically in areas with greater surface temperatures or stronger UV light. It is also suitable for direct underground burial, aerially or wall-mounted environments.


HF96 Horizontal FOSC Superior Sealing Standard

Uncontrollable surroundings demand high standards. The sealing performance of the rapidconnect Horizontal FOSC is produced to an excellent standard. This results in high strength and an advanced internal design.


Robust Design

The HF96 Horizontal Fibre Optic Enclosure is particularly designed to withstand considerable punishment. This allows it to maintain the integrity of the Fibres inside and consequently the integrity of your network.


Reliable in Extreme Conditions

This enclosure is perfect for long-term use in extreme weather conditions. It handles stronger UV light and high surface temperatures with ease. Its robust design ensures durability and reliability.


HF96 Horizontal FOSC Flexible Installation Options

It is also suitable for direct underground bury, aerial placement or wall mounted environments. Its versatility makes it suitable for various installation environments.


Efficient Fibre Management

The advanced internal design allows for efficient fibre management. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures smooth operations.

Comprehensive Protection

The HF96 enclosure provides comprehensive protection for your fibre optic cables. It shields them from environmental factors, ensuring their longevity and performance.

HF96 Horizontal FOSC is Trusted by Professionals

Network installers trust the HF96 Horizontal Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure for its reliability and durability. Join the many satisfied customers who rely on Anderson Corporation for their fibre optic needs.


Detailed Specifications

Check out the datasheet below for detailed diagrams and specifications. Ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision

Ensure you check out the datasheet below to study the diagram.

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