Fibre Optic Adaptors

Connection made simple with rapidconnect Fibre Optic Adaptors.

The rapidconnect Fibre Optic Adaptors come in either Singlemode: Zirconia Ceramic Alignment Sleeve or Multimode: Phosphor Bronze Alignment Sleeve, both options offering higher resistance and lower losses.

Fibre Optic Adaptors Connection Made Simple

RapidConnect Fibre Optic Adaptors create a seamless link between two connectors. Ensuring a stable connection between fibres. These adaptors are designed for efficiency and ease of use. They make fibre optic connections straightforward.

Fibre Optic Adaptors Colour Coding System

We offer a variety of connector colors for each respective cable type. This colour coding simplifies installation and reduces confusion.


Stock Availability

We maintain a wide range of Singlemode and Multimode RapidConnect Adaptors in stock, ready to ship to your location. This ensures you have access to the adaptors you need without delay. Whether you’re working on a new installation or need replacements, our readily available stock can meet your requirements.


Versatile Connections

The rapidconnect Fibre Optic Adaptors allows two connectors to be aligned together. This specifically allows a connection between two of the same fibre and connector. Moreover, installation is made easy by color coding as per industry standards to reduce any confusion.

Furthermore, the colour coding on these connectors is as follows: Blue – Singlemode, Green – Singlemode Angled, Beige – OM1, Aqua – OM3 and Erika Violet – OM4.

As mentioned, we hold a large stock availability on these items, ready to ship at your behest.

We offer a variety of adaptor types to suit different needs:

  • Simplex Adaptors: Available in SC, SCA, FC, FCA, and ST.
  • Duplex Adaptors: Available in SC, SCA, LC, and LCA.
  • Quad Adaptors: Available in LC and LCA.

This variety allows you to choose the perfect adaptor for your specific application, ensuring optimal performance.


Ease of Installation

Our adaptors are designed for easy installation. The colour-coded system aligns with industry standards. Making it simple to match connectors and cables. This reduces installation time and minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process. The adaptors’ design also ensures a secure fit, maintaining the integrity of the connection.


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