Cat6A Ultra-Thin Patch Cables

As the rapidconnect Cat6A Ultra Thin Patch Cables have a thin design, they improve airflow within servers, therefore reducing the risk of down time. Furthermore, LSZH jacketing ensures that in the event of a fire, the risk of smoke and halogen when exposed to high heat sources is drastically reduced, protecting the copper cable.</p>

Cat6A Ultra-Thin Patch Cables Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Jacket

Cat6A Ultra-Thin patch Cables are all provided with a Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket as standard. Low Smoke Zero Halogen will protect against the risk of toxic gases during a fire. LSZH jackets reduce the amount of smoke and harmful chemicals released. This makes them ideal for use in enclosed or densely populated areas, such as offices and data centres, where safety is paramount.


Cat6A Ultra-Thin Patch Cables Greater Flexibility

The Cat6A Ultra-Thin Copper Cables offer an alternative to traditional cables. Their ultra-thin construction provides greater flexibility and a smaller bend radius, ideal for tight installation environments.  These cables are lighter and they also protect against signal crosstalk.

Their design allows for more efficient cable management, reducing clutter and improving airflow in racks and cabinets. This can help prevent overheating and maintain the optimal performance of network equipment.


High Bandwidth Support

Cat6A Ultra-Thin Cables support bandwidth frequencies up to 500MHz, double that of standard Cat6 cables. This ensures faster and more reliable data transmission, making them suitable for high-performance network needs.


Counter Abilities

Rapidconnect Cat6A Ultra-Thin Cables are designed to counter EMI, RFI and cross talk. This specifically means the cable does not need any additional shielding options to protect itself from these effects. By minimizing interference, these cables ensure high-quality data transmission, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of your network and preventing data loss or corruption.


The Cat6A Ultra-Thin Copper Cables offer an alternative to the more traditional cables. Additionally, the Ultra Thin construction enables the cable to have greater flexibility and a smaller bend radius in tight installation environments.


Moreover, they are lighter, have a LSZH Jacket for smoke and fire protection as per standard and is equipped with shielding to protect against any signal crosstalk.


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