900 Micron Fibre Optic Pigtails

The rapidconnect 900 Micron (μm) Fibre Optic Pigtails are easy to strip with a thin and flexible buffer, are provided in either 6 or 12 packs at 1.5 metres long and are all factory terminated to ensure extremely low losses.

Machine Polished

Machine production ensures the quality of the product is high. Subsequently this technique avoids any human error ensuring all cables remains at our usual level of excellence


Visual Cable Management

One of the key features with all rapidconnect Pigtails is to identify the product that you have in front of you. We specifically use the international colour coding standard to ensure cables are easily identifiable


Connector Choices

Many standard connectors are offered and stocked in our rapidconnect range. They are typically, SC, LC, ST and SCA. However, there are a variety of different connectors available in our range


The rapidconnect Fibre Optic Pigtails have been designed and developed specifically with the user experience in mind. Furthermore, they are of high quality, offer various connector choices and have efficient cable management. Above all, colour coding enables installers to quickly assemble and integrate pigtails into their network.

Be sure to download the rapidconnect Fibre Optic Pigtails datasheet to find out more about this product!

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