48W Wall Mount Enclosure

The 48W Wall Mount Enclosure is the newest instalment in our rapidconnect enclosure series. Sporting a variety of features, such as a lockable door, fast and easy cable management and storage, a variety of connector face plates and more!

Cable Management

The rapidconnect 48W Enclosure provides efficient and organised cable management. As a result this allows for fast and easy installation in any application


Fibre Cassettes

The rapidconnect 48W Wall Mount Enclosure comes with a variety of connector face plates. They are ST, SC, SCA, LC & LCA


Suitable Connector Styles

Connectors help to reduce human subjectivity. As a result, they provide faster and more accurate results which help maintain optimum fibre network performance


The new rapidconnect 48W Wall Mount Enclosure has many features to allow for easy and efficient installation, maintenance and ease of use. Constructed with a compact design in order to optimise the use of confined and tight spaces, the rapidconnect Wall Mount Enclosure is an excellent choice for those in need of cable management tools.

The rapidconnect 48W Enclosure also comes with a lockable door. This is useful for applications that necessitate secure cable storage. The lockable door protects and guarantees little to no fibre disturbance. Excellent for preventing easy access to the fibres once in the enclosure.

Surprisingly simple, but uniquely efficient.


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