48W Wall Mount Enclosure

The 48W Wall Mount Enclosure is the newest instalment in our rapidconnect enclosure series. Sporting a variety of features, such as a lockable door, fast and easy cable management and storage, a variety of connector face plates and more!

48W Wall Mount Enclosure Cable Management

The 48W Wall Mount Enclosure offers efficient and organized cable management. It ensures fast and easy installation in any application. Designed to streamline your workspace, this enclosure is perfect for anyone looking to improve their cable management system.


Versatile Fiber Cassettes

The RapidConnect 48W Wall Mount Enclosure includes a variety of connector face plates. Choose from ST, SC, SCA, LC, and LCA connectors. This variety allows you to customize your setup according to your specific needs. The flexibility ensures you have the right connectors for any project.


48W Wall Mount Enclosure Optimized Connector Styles

Using the right connectors reduces human error. This results in faster and more accurate installations. Maintaining optimum fiber network performance becomes effortless. The connectors are designed to simplify your work, making them essential for any fiber network setup.


Compact and Efficient Design

The new RapidConnect Wall Mount Enclosure boasts a compact design. This optimizes the use of confined and tight spaces. It’s an excellent choice for anyone needing effective cable management tools in limited spaces. The enclosure’s design ensures you can maximize your available space without compromising on functionality.

48W Wall Mount Enclosure Secure and Protective Features

The RapidConnect 48W Enclosure features a lockable door. This is ideal for applications requiring secure cable storage. The lockable door protects your cables, ensuring minimal fiber disturbance. It prevents unauthorized access, keeping your network safe and secure. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your fiber connections.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are straightforward with the RapidConnect Wall Mount Enclosure. The design allows for easy access, making adjustments or repairs simple. The enclosure supports efficient cable management, reducing clutter and improving the organization of your network. It’s user-friendly, ensuring even those with minimal technical skills can handle it with ease.


Unmatched Efficiency

The 48W Enclosure is surprisingly simple but uniquely efficient. Its design and features are tailored to provide the best cable management experience. Whether you’re setting up a new network or upgrading an existing one, this enclosure meets your needs perfectly.


Ideal for All Applications

This enclosure is suitable for various applications. Its versatility makes it perfect for telecommunications, data centers, and other network installations. The 48W Wall Mount Enclosure is a reliable choice for ensuring your cables are well-managed and protected.

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